Syria problems

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Syria Unrest

Read on to find out more about the right, but if you have any resources about what is going on, involve them in to us here and we will get a BBC reference to try to learn some of them.

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Analysis: How to solve a problem like Syria?

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Syria country profile

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But there are always distressing reports that government soldiers executed cases. According to the United Nations (UN), a group that works to try to solve some of the world's problems, almost five million Syrians have had to leave the country.

Many have gone to neighbouring. According to the United Nations (UN), a group that works to try to solve some of the world's problems, almost five million Syrians have had to leave the country. Once the centre of the Islamic Caliphate, Syria covers an area that has seen invasions and occupations over the ages, from Romans and Mongols to Crusaders and Turks.

A country of fertile plains. Syria backs Iran, in keeping with the traditional rivalry between Baathist leaderships in Iraq and Syria.

December - Israel formally annexes the Golan Heights. Uprising in Hama. Syrian Problem. The problems in Syria began in as a peaceful protest but quickly rose into an armed civil conflict which has cost the lives ofpeople and forced over two million to flee to the relative safety of neighboring countries.

Aug 26,  · Peter Bergen says Obama has to decide what to do about a rogue regime that is warring on its people, confronting a classic problem that has bedeviled the U.S.

Syria problems
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