Problems with thesis advisor

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9 Types Of Difficult PhD Supervisor (And How To Domesticate Them)

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Thesis Advisor Problems

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Anxiety is common among graduate students, as is depression and a hard-to-shake enervation. I say this having myself been a graduate student and experienced these very same emotions. Thus, while you may feel your situation is exceptional or other.

If a problem between a student and Thesis Advisor develops, the following steps should be taken: The student and Thesis Advisor should discuss and attempt to resolve any differences, request changes within a specified time period, note concerns on the Progress Report form, follow up with a letter to the student, and send a copy of the.

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The most common problem in the humanities and social sciences is insufficiently frequent contact with the advisor. I meet with each of my own thesis students individually for one hour each week, in addition to a weekly group meeting.

Problems with thesis advisor
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