How to write an algebraic expression in words

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How many minutes were trying on this bill?. This is the correct way to write the expression. Based on the order of operations, always solve operations in parentheses first.

Here, you'd add 4 + 2, then multiply that sum by 5 —in other words, exactly what was written in the original expression. Write and evaluate an expression for his total sales.

Translating Algebra Expressions

Multiply the cost of each item by the total number of items, then find the sum of the products. Write an algebraic expression for each verbal expression.

6 times a number m 62/87, WLPHV:î a number m: m î m or 6 m a number t less twelve. Day One Translating Words Into Numerical Expressions Vocabulary Review: Numerical Expression. Translate Verbal Phrases into Expressions Add Subtract Multiply Division Did you write an ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSION for each problem?

If so, you should have used a variable! 12 Translate Words to Algebraic Expressions. In the previous section, we listed many operation symbols that are used in algebra, and then we translated expressions.

In other words, there are plenty of word problems. Some word problems have real-life details—almost like a short story. Others are simple, like descriptions of a math problem. We'll start with simple word problems, then move on to slightly more complex ones. Writing simple expressions.


Before you can tackle complex word problems, you need to know how to translate simple problems into algebra. The table shows the number of books donated to a library each month. Suppose the growth continues exponentially.

How many books were donated to the library in Month 8?

How to write an algebraic expression in words
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